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Physical Therapy Services

Our certified and licensed physical therapists may be prescribed as part of the treatment plan for the following needs:


Chronic bed-bound patients

Chronic bed-bound patients with the need of passive range of motion exercises and muscle atrophy prevention. 


Patients with Cardiovascular complications

Cardiovascular complications such as recent heart attack or stroke with total or partial loss of mobility to one or more extremities. 


Patients with chronic illness

Chronic illness exacerbation affecting endurance, breathing, and strength like  diabetes, heart failure, or COPD. 


Post-surgical patients

Recent orthopedic surgery such as knee or hip replacements, spinal surgery, and more


Patients with specific disease

functional decline or physical deconditioning from autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, systemic lupus, or ALS. 


Patients with mobility issues

difficulty in performing activities and self care such as having limited mobility or pain when completing tasks. 


Management of acute or chronic pain


Management of recent fall with or without injury


Unstable gait or imbalance with frequent falls

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